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Golden Years Celebrates 100th Birthday and also receives the Walter J. Kincaid Award at the 40th Antique and Boat Museum Event August 2013

During his annual week vacation in 2004 on Upper Saranac Lake, NY, Sam Hoagland while fishing, spotted a sleek, white sided wooden launch painted with a long golden arrow down the sides, cruising on the lake. He followed the boat 10 its dock so he could re-Iocate it at a later date. Two years later, he and his wife, Jerrie, went back to that dock where the boat was being stored on a cradle. After learning the name of the boat, they were able to identify the owner through the owner of Spencer Boat Works in Saranac, NY and learned it was for sale. A phone call was made to Ray Jenkins, the 2nd owner of the 1913. 26'6~ Matthews launch in order to make an appointment to see the boat and learn more about it. Finding the boat to be in need of considerable repair and restoration, the Hoaglands weighed the pros and cons for several months before deciding to make the leap of faith that it could he brought back to its
original beauty.

They learned that the boat had been built by the Matthews Boat Company in Port Clinton, on in 1913, Records show she is hull #749 and has her original Scripps 4 Cylinder engine still intact along with an original spare block. The lights, instruments, hardware and copper gas tank are all original. In fact, to the best of the Hoagland's knowledge, all the wood of the boat as well as the topsides and steering wheel ore original-just preserved, with the exception of the replaced stem, transom and a few ribs. The original name of the boat "Skanendowa" was derived from the Indian name "running deer" for which the "Camp" had been named and to which it was delivered in 1913 to Marshall Sheppy, a wealthy gentleman from Toledo, OH. According to Marshall Sheppy's obituary, he was II personal friend of President Theodore Roosevelt, President Warren G. Harding and President Calvin Coolidge -all of whom had been visitors to Mr. Sheppy's 500 acre "camp" on Tupper Lake, NY. Since the camp was only accessible by water, it is conceivable that one or more had been passengers in the launch, "Skanendowa".

In 1985,.Mr. Ray Jenkins purchased "Skanendowa" from the Marshall Sheppy family and trailered it across Tupper Lake after having lumberjacks shovel the snow off the ice to make a path for his sedan, with the launch in tow, to reach land on the other side of tile lake and eventually to his borne on Upper Saranac Lab. Mr. Jenkins was required to buy two additional wood boats in order to acquire the launch - the one he cherished.

When the Hoaglands made the big decision in October, 2006, to purchase the boat from Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Jenkins made the astute observation that '"we are only caretakers" of such vessels. Once the "deal was struck" the boat and all it's paraphernalia was brought to Spencer Boat Works, where it underwent a transformation from its existing very aged condition to its original beauty. a process which took II little over 7 months. Because the transom was split and required replacement, the Hoagland's, DOW the third owners, decided to change the name to Golden Years to commemorate their 50 years of marriage. They brought Golden Years to Lake Hopatcong, NJ on June IS"', 2007. After some research, Sam Hoagland was able to locate the original Camp on Tupper Lake and contact the descendants of Marshall Sheppy, Pete and Jennifer Simmons. A meeting was arranged and Sam and Jerrie presented to the Simmons the original transom, which had been saved in hopes of such an occasion, for their camp. It was truly a memorable and special time.

Golden Years has been the recipient of many awards at several ACBS shows around the East Coast. She is quite the eye-catcher (for a 100 year old "lady") and is a well recognized boat on her home lake, Lake Hopatcong, NJ.

Once Again - Winner of Two Classic Boat Awards - First in Class, Best in Show

Ross Stone's spread from The Grosse Pointer - Summer 2012 issue

Once Again

Do you know the whereabouts of this vessel?

"The Mountain Maid" was used as a public sightseeing vessel. Purchased by Elmer Darling of Lyndonville VT around 1912 it was shipped from Matthews to West Burke Vermont via train and then on an oversized wagon using Oxen to haul it to Willoughby Lake in Westmore Vermont. It was in service as part of the Boulders Resort until 1959 when the resort was sold. The craft fell into disrepair and stayed dry-docked in the custom boat house until the summer of 1973 where it was sold and moved to Shelburne Ship Yard in Shelburne, VT. At this point whereabouts of this craft are unknown. -Dave De Llancey

If you may know the whereabouts of this vessel, please contact us here.