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QUIPS Volume One Pre-Order


MBOA is considering publishing the MBOA QUIPS in a two volume series. The QUIPS are historical documents written by former MBOA historian and administrator, Edna Johnson. QUIPS were originally mailed to MBOA members quarterly from 1983 to 2011. This pre-order sale would be for Volume One, which will feature the first 228 pages of historical QUIPS originally printed from 1983 to 1996.

MBOA will only move forward with this project if there is enough interest in pre-ordering, so if you are interested please be sure to get your order in before January 29, 2019. February 28, 2019 (Deadline has been extended)

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Within the QUIPS you will find:

  • Stories about travels on Matthews boats
  • Historical information about the Matthews Company
  • Stories and details about specific Matthews boats
  • Photos of boats, diagrams and layouts

Click here to view examples of the QUIPS